Seunta LLC is a resin model casting and mold making company using rotational casting technology to produce hollow cast resin models. We have been enjoying the model horse hobby since 1972. Read more...

We are currently sold out of all inventory (If you have a model on payments your model is being held for you, however).

new releases

Artist Resin Model Horses

There is never a wait for your model to be shipped. Shipping is normally done within 24 hours (weekends or holidays may be the exception). Pre-orders are offered as an option to reserve a model. Other than new releases, most models will only be offered for sale if they are in-hand and ready to ship.

Exceptional value. Order a model while it is currently in stock or check our eBay listings for full size traditional models starting as low as $95. Add something new to your collection!

Payment plans are always offered. The total cost for a payment plan will never carry a penalty and will never exceed the original purchase price of the model regardless of the length of terms. We appreciate your business!

Purchase with confidence. Our customers receive friendly, prompt, and respectful service at all times. Great customer service is our top priority. All models are shipped with care using new materials and new heavy duty boxes.

We manufacture each model horse that is sold, on location at Seunta LLC, with direct shipping to the customer. This assures hands-on quality control and allows us to provide direct customer service with no waiting.

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Contact us at any time. We are here to help and appreciate your business!


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