Azhur 75

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Azhur 75

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Akhal Teke Stallion
by Oleg Bazhenov

Limited to a one mold run of ~50-60 pieces

Azhur is an incredible, dynamic piece from Oleg Bazhenov. The detail on this model is amazing! Every tiny vein and wrinkle is appropriate to scale and placed perfectly. Photos are of a resin casting.

Fae size - 1:12 scale
Overall dimensions: 6.25" tall (to ear tips) x 6.75" long (from nose to rear leg)
Details on all sizes can be found here.

Hollow cast with stainless steel wire reinforcement. Unpainted and unprepped white resin.
————— BODY QUALITY —————
Raw casting, bad face seam, empty/missing hoof, missing ear tip(s), partial or totally empty tail, no base

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Bodies & Raw Castings 

Irregulars, damaged, and broken castings in need of TLC!

These are BODY QUALITY MODELS... broken legs, broken tails (pieces sent with the body IF it is photographed with the model), slipped wires, malformed feet, etc.  Legs may also be warped from being in the body bin (or may need sanding on the bottom of their hooves), therefore the model may not stand well.  Legs can easily be heated back in to place.

By purchasing a second you agree to not resell that model as a first quality casting. These models are suitable to practice painting techniques on, make tack, remake/customize, or use parts from for another custom.

There are no refunds on seconds. Sorry, but there are also no payment plans on bodies as the purpose in the sale is to make room in the shop.

More photos, including painted examples for most models, can be found on each model's main webpage in the archives: