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3sthree is a full-service 3D creative design and fabrication service where creative concepts are brought to life. Their service is all-inclusive from concept to design and through installation. Your branded environment is realized.

3sthree clients include Belkin, Shopify, Black & Decker, Fisker Automotive, Flexfit, British Customs, Vizio, Fox, Dragon Optics, and many more.

All projects with 3sthree, both active and completed, are confidential.

Margaret Hallam

Horses have always been in my blood, from my earliest memories I loved to draw and paint and it would always be a horse, I began collecting model horses in the late 1980s and attempted my first custom model horses in the 1990’s I also use to love the Live shows back then & had great success with my creations, but showing my Great Danes took up most of my time so the models took a back seat for many years, recently got back into the hobby and so happy to work with Seunta, I live with my husband and our animal family in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park, UK.
— Margaret

More projects with Margaret are coming soon!


Enkhtur Bayarsaikhan


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Enkhtur Bayarsaikhan is a character designer and 3D artist living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He has illustrated many books and posters and created company logos and television commercials. His work has won several awards. Enkhtur grew up nomadic and offers unique insight into his native environment through his art. Enthur’s 3D models are digitally created in Mongolia and manufactured and sold by Seunta LLC, in the USA.


The following models will be available in the Seunta online store:
Each of Enkhtur’s models comes with a card designed and signed by him.


Mini Takhi
Wild Horse of Mongolia
stablemate size
Available now!


Mongolian Foal
traditional size
Available now!


Saam Khul
Mongolian Race Horse
traditional size
Casting now!


Saam Khul Medallion
Mongolian Race Horse
2 different sizes
Casting now!


Wild Horse of Mongolia
traditional size
Casting now!


Uls Khalzan
Mongolian Race Horse
traditional size
Casting now!


“Back Home” figurine
Wild Horse of Mongolia
with Ruddy Shelduck
Approx 5” tall
Casting now!


5 Precious Livestock” series
Caricatures sold individually…
Camel, Horse, Cow, Sheep & Goat
Approx traditional size
Casting now!


“Spring” figurine
Approx 5-6” tall
In progress


Bayarsaikhan Sandagdorj


Bayarsaikhan Sandagdorj is an entrepreneur in IT/ BayarAgency CEO, NAAD Brand founder/ TaliinEzen LLC, NomadX Camping Gear, based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He received a Bachelor of Industrial Management at the Faculty of Business Administration at Humanity Science University, Master of Business Administration at IFE-Handon Global University (MBA).

Mongolians are a nation with its people who have preserved our rich nomadic culture. Our nomadic culture and heritage is aimed at protecting our nature and its motherland. NAAD brand is designed to promote, to understand and to help learn our culture for future generations.
— Bayarsaikhan

NomadPedia.org | As manager of The Nomad Pedia project, Bayarsaikhan aims to preserve nomadic lifestyles and culture for future generations.

Bayarsaikhan is currently working closely with Seunta LLC to create a traditional size model horse that accurately represents the Mongolian horse. The first release, "Giingoo", will be available sometime in 2020. Bayarsaikhan will have several gift sets that include miniature handmade Mongolian tack made to fit the model, and the model will also be available through seunta.com.

There are four different types of Mongolian horse, based upon the different regions in Mongolia from which they come. The types include the Steppe, Gobi, Mountain, and Forest. While the Steppe is faster and smaller, making it a great horse for riding, the Forest is the heaviest and largest of the four types. The Gobi is a desert horse, as well as the smallest, while the Mountain is the mid-sized type that has a similar body structure to the Altai Horse.

Mongolia is home of The Mongol Derby, a 600-mile expedition considered the longest and toughest horse race in the world. The Mongol Derby loosely follows the route created by Genghis Khan in 1224 to carry riders whose mission was to deliver information and facilitate communication throughout the empire. The race is likely to include the following variety of terrain; high passes, green open valleys, wooded hills, river crossings, wetland and floodplains, sandy semi-arid dunes, rolling hills, dry riverbeds and open steppe (characterized by grassland plains without trees and extreme temperatures). Riders must balance survival skills and horsemanship as they use their own navigation to figure out how to get to 25–28 checkpoints.

Janine Haq


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Janine Haq is an artist from Canada who specializes in fantasy equine sculpture. She often uses bright colours and real hair fibers in her work. Her hobbies including working with real horses, cooking, and photography. She works full time as an occupational therapist and sculpts on her off days while her fiance draws or crochets with her. For inquiries about her work, contact commissions@quequinoxart.com.


Coming late 2018: “Perihelion”

Airen Chandler | Horsenfeffer Hobbies


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Hi, I'm Airen Chandler, model horse artist and collector. This is my childhood horse and I, we were both 36! I called him my Horsenfeffer and my great love of horses started with him! I also have a great love of art, and have combined the two into custom model horses. I love to use my artistic creativity on the beautiful equine form.

I specialize in decorator and fantasy models as well as life like models. My custom model horses I finish in airbrushed acrylics and earth pigments. My artist resin sculptures can be purchased through me or Seunta.com.


Sheila Bishop | Paloose Arts

Horses have always been my life. I was done in the first time I saw a carousel horse at the age of 2. I owned my first horse a Standardbred named I.C. Stars in 1982 and many others have blessed my life since then. I have done sorting, team penning, barrels, halter, reining and was a clinic junkie for 10 years.
— Sheila

Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


Brio Sombra to mini
(sold & shipped by Seunta)


Mira to mini
(sold & shipped by Seunta)


Coming soon: more minis and new traditional models!

Jasmin Ruhland


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Jasmin has been in the hobby since 2007, although she started collecting model horses in her early childhood. Animals and especially horses always fascinated her, and after drawing them for years, she started capturing the souls of horses in sculptures. Her patience in observing every movement of the horse as a child has led her to create stunningly detailed sculptures by now. 

She has made several commissioned cust and paint jobs over the years, many of those won first prizes in live shows all over the world. Besides showing the beauty of nature, Jasmin wants to create a peace of art in every sculpture she makes. 

Jasmin has already turned her talent into her job. After having studied art and graphic design in Munich, she worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for many years, and is now creative director in a popular e-commerce StartUp. Her dream is to create model horses for a living. 


Models cast by Seunta:


Soraya (contact Jasmin)


Lilith (contact Jasmin)


Oleg Bazhenov


Models cast by Seunta:


Azat (coming soon)




Candace Liddy



The rapport Candace has with horses enables her to bring a special insight into her pieces. "I want people who love art to see my work as sculptures that reflect composition, movement, complexity and emotion. But just as important, they are expressions of my love for the medium I choose to use and the animals I portray".

Candace feels very honored to now be a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art. After more than 30 years of doing Equine Art it is gratifying to be included into this elite organization in such a capacity. She hopes that her work will continue to reflect on the AAEA and her participation in the group will further our goals to represent the horse in all its beauty. 


Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


(traditional size TB) "Come Summer" 
(contact Candace)


Ashley Stollberg

I’ve always been artistic and have been drawing, painting, and crafting with my sister ever since we were little. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember, so combining the two was only natural! Currently I customize models using a variety of mediums, including pastels, acrylics, and etching. Here and there I do some minor resculpting, and I’ve done a few original sculptures as well.

Some of my other interests include swimming, writing, horseback riding, photography, electric cars, traveling, and fish keeping. I’m also a huge dog lover – especially when it comes to Chihuahuas!
— Ashley

Models cast by Seunta:


Maestro (contact Ashley)


Jade Malkemus | Seventh Seal Studio

I’ve been drawing horses as long as I can remember, and started customizing models in 2006, most of which never left my possession. In 2014 I did my first drastic custom, a zombie, made from the Breyer Family Arabian Stallion and the Running Arabian Stallion, though by the time I was done with it, maybe half of it was plastic. He gained a lot of attention and sold well, and has gone on to win multiple champion ribbons, even placing in the top three in his division at Breyerfest, and I knew at that point that I had found my specialty. In 2016 I released my first resin, a zombie pony-type by the name of Lazarus. Only 11 were made before the mold broke, but even today he still remains popular. I do still customize models, but my passion lies within sculpting, and creating a horse from scratch and having the freedom to do whatever I want with it, is truly liberating. While my focus and specialty may be in zombies, I do have plans in the future to release some “normal” horses, as well. In the end, it’s the art of sculpting that I love to do!
— Jade

Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


Sitri, Zombie Horse (contact Jade)


Lazarus to curio size (contact Jade)


D'Arry Jone Frank

My name is D’Arry Jone Frank, and I have sculpted horses and dogs for over-ahem-30 years! Where does the time go? My studio name is Prestige Farms, and I have produced highly competitive model horses for many years. I specialize in customizing plastic Breyers as well as Stone horses; but have also released original sculpture resin horses in limited runs.
— D'Arry

Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


Belle Starr to stablemate (contact D'Arry)


Ilona Himmelmann

I grew up with horses and many, many other animals – so my fascination for (model) horses isn’t very surprising.

Over the last years sculpting and painting model horses meant a compensation to my everyday life, especially during the semester when I weren’t able to be at home and spending time with our animals or my family. I’m studying veterinary medicine in Munich (Germany) and will probably finish the study in March`18.

Meanwhile I’m collecting, sculpting and painting model horses for more than 10 years. And I never stopped to try to improve myself with every piece. 
— Ilona

Models cast by Seunta:


Traditional size Bluebell (contact Ilona)


Mini Bluebell