JP Giacomini


JP has published over 100 articles on the history, training and the philosophy of horsemanship and dressage. He is currently preparing a practical guide to french dressage doctrine and another book that is a unique contribution to the training process in 3 different languages.

Jean-Philippe Giacomini is an international level rider, trainer and coach. He and his wife Shelly own and operate Baroque Farms Usa in Kentucky a short distance from the World Famous Kentucky Horse Park. JP travels internationally offering clinics and sharing his knowledge.

Few horseman today have had the opportunity to be an eye witness and train under the tutelage of the late and great Dressage Masters of all time. JP studied with and experienced this first hand and is now considered to be one of the few remaining true Masters of training Piaffe and Passage. 

It is literally a privilege to speak with JP and an honor to see him work. I learned more about riding by simply hearing him share over a lunch conversation than in all of my many years of pursuing the art of dressage. There is so much value in understanding the History of dressage and grasping the absolutes within the fundamentals. JP is a complete package... a true Master and a fascinating man.
— owner Hidden Promise Sporthorses