Christina Riley

Meet I.C.E., an original sculpture that I’ve been working on since 2016! Yes, perhaps a silly little name for an Akhal Teke filly but here’s the story behind it: I.C.E. stands for “I Can’t Even”, a quote which was said quite often by myself and another hobbyist during a sculpture workshop we were participating in. It pretty much summed up the frustrations we were having on our sculpts throughout the process and it just sort of stuck with the piece ...ergo, the name I.C.E. :)

Anyway, this cutie is to be released in resin very soon! She would be considered (large) traditional scale.
The foal measures approximately 6.5” Long x 6” High x 1 3/8” Wide.
The base measures approximately: 5” Long x 3/4” High x 2” Wide.
— Christina

Models cast by Seunta:


I.C.E. (contact Christina)