Christina Riley

Meet I.C.E., an original sculpture that I’ve been working on since 2016! Yes, perhaps a silly little name for an Akhal Teke filly but here’s the story behind it: I.C.E. stands for “I Can’t Even”, a quote which was said quite often by myself and another hobbyist during a sculpture workshop we were participating in. It pretty much summed up the frustrations we were having on our sculpts throughout the process and it just sort of stuck with the piece ...ergo, the name I.C.E. :)
— Christina

Models cast by Seunta:


I.C.E. (contact Christina)


Oksana Kuks

My name is Oksana Kuks and I am from Novosibirsk, Russia. 
I’ve been addicted to horses since I was a child. In my works be it an original sculpture or a plastic custom I try to share my love and admiration for these animals and make them not only anatomically correct, but bring life and soul into each piece. 
I have released original works in micro mini and stablemate scales and now have some plans on several other sized sculptures. However, minis seem to be my favorites, despite all the challenges they bring. I try to improve with every newest piece.
— Oksana

Models cast by Seunta:


Agate (contact Oksana)


Julie Brooks


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Julie was born and raised in west central Missouri and currently lives on a small farm about 45 minutes east of Kansas City, MO.  Julie developed a love for horses at an early age.  She has owned real horses and collected model horses for most of her life, and has always loved to draw and paint.  She has been customizing, painting and showing model horses for nearly 20 years. Her goal is to continue to develop her skills and learn as much as she can to make her work as realistic as possible.


Models cast by Seunta:

$185 (contact Julie)


Amy DeWaal

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Amy is a newly starting out artist currently studying Biology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Her fascination with art and horses started at a young age. As a child, she could often be found making drawings or other little art works at school instead of doing her maths exercises. Or helping out at the local stable in the weekends, where she could pet and brush the horses. 

Amy has been in the model horse hobby for over 10 years, collecting anything horse shaped. During that time, she gained experience in customizing and sculpting models, until finally, her sculptures really looked as detailed and spirited as their real life counterparts.


Models cast by Seunta:

Yasirah (stablemate size)


Sue Sifton

I grew up in Northern CA., and was a member of 4-H and Pony Club. My wonderful sister-in-law, Emily Carlton, ran River Oaks School of Riding in Potomac Md. where I worked in the summers.

A mold making apprenticeship with Chris Pardell, opened the door to working in the gift ware industry. Kitty Cantrell opened the door to the model horse world when she took me along to go to a Black Horse Ranch event at Karen Grimm’s barn, that lead to a call and an interview with Breyer Model Horses, that lead to many sculptures and trips to Breyerfest with my daughter or whole crew as a family adventure. Horsemen encouraged this passion into a career that family and friends believed in.
— Sue

Models cast by Seunta:

Happy Trails



Lisa Sharpe

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Lisa Sharpe was raised in Toronto and moved north to a horse farm at 12 years of age. She has ridden horses for many years showing on the jumper and barrel racing circuits as well as training many other disciplines of horsemanship. She then traded in her horse for horsepower.

Lisa has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Fashion Arts degree from Seneca College. She began sculpting horses in the early 2000’s and has sold resin horses all over the world. The aim of the horse sculptures is to achieve as realistic depiction of a horse as possible. Lisa has studied sculpture at several week long courses held by the American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington Kentucky.


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Yvonne Stevens

Heel Kickin' Creations is fine equine art by Yvonne Stevens (formerly Yvonne Davey/Stillwater Valley Studios).  Creating model horses (other animals too!) a true to life work of art.  Yvonne works in airbrushed acrylics, pigments, pastels and fine color pencils.  She finishes all models by hand, doing this allows her make them so realistic that they will whinny and start walking around, well almost!  


Models cast by Seunta:


Laura Skillern

Laura has been in the hobby for over 15 years and has been painting and sculpting for almost as long. She is best known for her blog, Don't Eat the Paint, which features tutorials on sculpting and painting. Her work has earned numerous overall, Breyerfest, and NAN championships. He medallion was featured on the 2008 and 2009 NAN trophies. When not sculpting, Laura trains and shows her real horse in western dressage.


Models cast by Seunta: