Due to the overwhelming requests for our services, we are unable to take any new projects except for those artists that are already with us. Inquiries are still welcomed as there could be changes or gaps in the schedule.

The form below is provided for artists that are interested in casting services.

Sculptures must be original creations. Seunta will not reproduce any model that has a Breyer horse, Stone model horse, or resin model authored by someone else within any part of a sculpture.  This includes using someone else's creation as armature.  It does not matter what percentage of the model has been changed, it does not matter if it can be considered a new creation due to extreme changes.  Collaborations between several artists, or customization of a Breyer or Stone Horse, may be acceptable with necessary written permissions of the original author or owner being granted for reproduction.

In addition to the information below, please send a photo of your model to: seuntallc@gmail.com

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