by Kathleen Moody.
© All rights to the sculpture of Clydesdale filly reserved by Kathleen Moody.

Belle of the Ball
clydesdale filly

Limited to 200 pieces.

Hollow cast with stainless steel wires as reinforcement.

Traditional size
10" tall (to ear tip)
9.5" long (nose to tail)
Removable tail

$165 - FREE SHIPPING in the USA
This is for the filly and the straight tail ONLY

Payment plan with 4 payments

Clydesdale filly with five tails

For more detailed photos of each tail see the photo gallery above.
Tails are removable and are shipped unattached.

"This horse is a whole new sculpt using the same pattern and reference photo I used for Andrea, it is not just a rework.  The changes that were made were from suggestions given me by, Mr. Wismer, Clydesdale breeder at Wismer Clydesdale Farms, who was at Breyerfest in 2013.  He saw a copy of Andrea on our sales table and gave me some excellent suggestions on a few changes to correct her by adding that she was a very good specimen of the breed, but that the hocks needed to be touching in back with the hooves spayed out like pigeon toes. He had his photographer send me photos to illustrate what he meant and I created this horse using that material.  After seeing photos of the original,  he approved the changes stating that she was now in correct halter show stance."
-Kathleen Moody

$195 - FREE SHIPPING in the USA
This is for the filly and a set of five different tails.

Payment plan with 4 payments