The Seunta Awards Program

currently in progress - awards page, show result submission forms,  finalized rules & titles, and photos of the first awards coming soon.

An update will be coming soon. Registrations and show records are still being accepted but know that submissions will take some time to be posted, as that update will also be done at the same time.

All awards are based on merits and participation in model horse activities. Awards are open to both Domestic and International showers. There are many details/photos yet to be posted! Photos of awards and cash amounts will be posted for each title and award as soon as possible. The awards program consists of goals that the model owner can work towards over time. Related forms and a detailed rule book will be available on this page soon. Tack makers, prop makers, etc will need to be noted in any submissions for show credit.

All registered models are eligible for the Seunta awards program in which ribbons, trophies, certificates, resin models, and cash (in USD) will be awarded. Awards will be given for annual recognition as well as titles.

Most titles and awards are based on a points system with placings 1-5. Additional points may be given if the class consists of 10+ entries. Apprentice titles are given to younger model owners by participation.


Photo Shows

A digital photo show is in the works. This will will a creative event where photoshop may be used to create an image as real as possible... or unreal. Perhaps different categories. The model horse must be untouched, however. With the event open to registered models there will already be photos on file of the model. 


Live Show Annual Awards

Honor Roll: A leader board will be posted at Seunta to show points accumulated by each model. At year-end the top 2 models in each division will be awarded.

Model of the Year: The highest point earner from the leader boards will be awarded a trophy and cash.

Challenge: Two or more model owners may issue a challenge. Once it has been accepted their progress (and fun) at shows will be posted on the Seunta blog and Facebook. At year-end the top points earner will win a free artist resin model of their choice and $100. There may only be one challenge per year but, upon approval of all other participants, other people may join the challenge.



Apprentice: Model owners 16 years old and younger earn this title for participation in 5 shows.

Master Showman: Model owners 16 years old and younger earn this title for participation in 20 shows.

Champion: A model must earn 25 points in halter and 25 points in at least two different performance classes, under 5 different judges at 5 different shows for this title.

Register of Merit: Each division (and some individual classes) will have ROM's available. Once the model has earned 25 points the ROM will be earned.

Superior Model: To earn a Superior title a model must earn 100 or more points in any one event.

Performance Champion: A model must earn 100 points in 6 or more shows in performance, in addition to at least four ROM's and one Superior award.

Versatility Champion: A model must earn at least 50 points in 6 or more shows in halter, and 50 points in 6 or more shows in performance, in addition to at least four ROM's and one Superior award.

World Champion: Any model that has earned the Champion title in both the USA and also in another country (Canada, Australia, Germany, UK etc) will be awarded the title of World Champion.

Hall of Fame: HoF participants will come from nominations and can be either a model that appears frequently at shows, or an owner that has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship.

Legendary: A model must earn the Versatility award and a first or second place at NAN. This will be a trophy and cash award (~$500. exact amount TBA) combination