Model Registration

An update will be coming the first of 2019.

Seunta now offers  a model registration program to compliment an awards program for owners of models that are manufactured at Seunta. This program includes all horses, animals and fantasy creatures. It includes any model manufactured and sold directly from Seunta.  You do not have to participate in showing to enjoy the pedigrees and social fun of being part of the registration. We have been working on this awards program for several years and it is not meant to replace, or mimic, any other program. You can also enjoy any other awards program at the same time, with no problems.  This program was designed within our private company, with our customers in mind, and  is meant to be fun.


The Process

All registration is digital, making the process very quick and easy.

Registration is optional. The registration form is filled out once the model is painted. Photos of the painted model are submitted with the application so that accurate photos can be included on the certificate. Any unique signatures and identifying marks are reported. 

The completed certificate is returned to the owner in PDF format that can easily be printed. The registration certificate includes a photo of the model and a unique QR code that directs mobile devices to the model's registration area on the Seunta website. Registration is free. 


The Benefits

This registration validates ownership through identification on the certificate, as well as the entry in the registration database. The front of the certificate will contain registration date, unique identifiers and QR code, photo, owner, etc. Any ownership transfers, from the time of creation, will be easily followed by new owners.

All registered models are eligible for the Seunta awards program in which ribbons, trophies, certificates, resin models, and cash (in USD) will be awarded. The registration gallery will be accessible from both the Seunta website and the Seunta mobile app. Each gallery entry contains ownership, show, and awards information. The record may be tagged if the model is for sale, or if offers would be considered, or if the model will never be for sale.

Each registered model's area is able to be shared on social media. The owner is able to leave comments for updates or offer their model for sale using the comments section located on the model's online registration page. A QR code is printed on the front of the registration certificate making quick access to the model's profile. This makes it very easy to verify ownership, show records, and other information on the go.

QR (Quick Response) codes originated in Japan and consist of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone or other mobile device. When the code is scanned, the device will bring up a web browser and take the user straight to the URL.

Registration Policies


  • The registration process is digital. The completed Registration Certificate is returned to the owner in PDF format to be printed out or stored digitally.

  • Model names may not be unique and other models may have the same name.

  • Offensive names may be rejected, at the discretion of Seunta LLC.

  • Uninterrupted online access to the registration page for registered models cannot be guaranteed by Seunta LLC as a web hosting service maintains the server.

  • Any registration fees are non-refundable and are used to fund part of the awards program.

  • The submission of any fraudulent information will automatically cancel registration, forfeit the registration fees, and ban the user from being any further part of a Seunta program.

  • Allow 6 weeks for processing applications.

  • Rejection of any application, for any reason, is at the discretion of Seunta LLC.


  • Updates to show records may be sent by email [] or updated by the owner using the comment section on the registered model's online page. There is no charge to add to a model's show record.

  • Changes to a model's name may be done from the name change form on the update page. The fee is $10.

  • Ownership transfer information may be done from the owner transfer form on the update page. The fee is $10.

Using Your Registration

  • Your registration gets you; a post in the registered model gallery using one photo, a PDF Registration Certificate, and qualifies the model for all of the awards programs offered by Seunta.

  • Owners may use the comment section below their model's photo in the online gallery to offer the model for sale or trade.

  • Sharing your model's gallery page may be done from the icons underneath the photo or by using the direct URL (or QR code on the certificate).

  • The registered model gallery will be available on the Seunta app soon, where participants can chat, message and share their Seunta collection with others using any mobile device on any platform, if you choose to do so.

  • Using the search bar on the gallery page will bring up a page that lists only the model's you have registered (or anyone's registered collection) and painters by name.