Your Personalized Payment Plan

In order to provide more flexibility to all customers, Seunta no longer does subscription-type payments where Paypal automatically deducts your payments. A new invoicing method allows you to make payments in any amount, and whenever you need to.

The procedure is:

  • Submit your payment plan using the form below. With this form you may add any quantity and any combination of size or type of models on one invoice.
  • You do not need to submit an entire payment plan, with all payment dates. Only the information that is asked for on the form.
  • You will be sent (email) a Paypal invoice with the total, that will include combined shipping.
  • A deposit is required immediately, from there the plan will proceed according to your needs.
  • Sale models may be submitted for a payment plan.
  • There is no limit on the number of invoices you may have. Just be sure to read over the policies on this page.

You will receive an invoice with the total amount (including shipping). The invoice keeps track of the entire balance as you pay on it. At the top of the invoice, there is a choice to pay off the balance due or fill in how much you would like to pay (see photo)...

  • You may pay off your model(s) at any time. 
  • After paying your deposit, you may pay as often and in whatever amount is comfortable.
  • Keep your invoice bookmarked so that you can follow the total due at any time.

Submit Your Payment Plan

By submitting this form, you agree to the Payment Plan Policies listed on this page (below form)
Name *
Shipping Location *
Please list what models and size(s) you want on your plan, and any details you wish to specify
Length of Plan *
Length of Plan
Specify with the date of your chosen deadline
You choose the deposit amount

Payment Plan Policies

The following policies apply: 

Once you have completed a payment plan an email will need to be sent to:, to make certain your model is on the shipping schedule. Your model(s) will not ship unless this has been done.

  • A deposit is due immediately upon receipt of your invoice.
  • A payment is due every 30 days.
  • The minimum monthly payment is $20 USD.
  • The maximum length of time for one invoice is 12 months.
  • The balance must be paid in full by the deadline you specify.
  • PRE-ORDERS: Due to the nature of the sale, pre-orders are not available on payment plans.
  • DISCOUNTS: Discounted models are not available on payment plans at the discounted price. Payment plans are available at full price, however.
  • SALE MODELS: Models on the summer and holiday sales may be available on payment plans if specified in the sale ad or on the online store page during the sale.
  • PRIVATE COLLECTION SALE: Models sold from the collection cannot exceed 2 equal payments, no more than 30 days apart. Deposit due immediately upon receiving the invoice.
  • You will not receive notices and are expected to keep track of your payments on your own.
  • Please have good communication if a problem arises.
  • Failure to complete the payment plan by the deadline will release the model to someone else. No further payment plans will be available from Seunta.
  • Failure to complete the deposit within 24 hours of receiving the invoice will release the model to someone else. No further payment plans will be available from Seunta.
  • There are no refunds, on any amount paid on a payment plan, for any reason.
  • No changes can be made (switching models or changing the deadline, for example) once a deposit has been made.
  • Models will be shipped within 7 business days of completion of a payment plan, with the exception of holidays and/or if the shop is closed for some emergency. We do not close during December.
  • Seunta reserves the right to decline any payment plan request that has been submitted.
All payments are made through Paypal. There is no financial information collected within this website and your check out is safe and secure within your own personal account.