All registration and processing is digital and can be completed in four easy steps. Details are listed on the registration policy page:

Privacy Policy   |   Registration Policies & General Information

(1) Submit the registration application form (right side of page - or bottom form, if you are on a mobile device).

(2) Email clear photos of your model.

  • Four photos are required: Left side, right side, back and front. The front side should show a clear view of the front of the face.
  • Photos should be at least 600 pixels wide.
  • The model should be shown without any tack.

(3) Submit optional information on your model using the form below.

Registraion is FREE.

optional registration information
Owner Name *
Owner Name
show record
Please include show name, location, date, name of class, number of entries (if possible) and placing. Send an additional email (to be attached to your application) if necessary.
pedigree information
Owner of Sire
Owner of Sire
Owner of Dam
Owner of Dam

Model Registration Application
Gender *
Creation or Purchase Date *
Creation or Purchase Date
ex: sorrel overo, black appaloosa, perlino, bay sabino, etc
Artist Information: Painter *
Artist Information: Painter
Artist Information: Customizer
Artist Information: Customizer
Location of signature. Date and any other notations with signature.
check any that apply
also list dorsal stripe, primitive markings, etc
Owner Information
Owner: Digital Signature *
Owner: Digital Signature
By signing and submitting this form the owner acknowledges to have read, and agreed with, the registration policies outlined on the Seunta website.
Date of Application Submission *
Date of Application Submission