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Join Stable Raiders


One year membership in the Seunta Stable Raiders loyalty program.

Read below for many details on this in-depth program!

By purchasing this membership, you agree to the terms on this page.

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Your annual membership includes the following:
USA and Canadian members will receive free shipping on any order that is place during the term of your membership. International members will receive a shipping discount of $25 on any order and will still receive higher scale USPS Priority International shipping.

As regular purchases are made during the year of active membership, Stable Raiders have two different paths to free models.
1. The leveling system. See the chart below under “The Points System” for more details. This image will be located on the ordering page of all models that will be available for members to choose from.


2. Purchasing with points saved. Look for the image below. It will be located on the ordering page for models that are currently active for purchasing with points. Purchasing with points will make that model free (shipping is also free).
This image will be located on the ordering page of all models that will be available for members to choose from. This may change according to availability of the model. All free models will come from Seunta inventory only, unless an artist from our Artisans Guild decides to participate. Some of them already are.


Each month, one or more models will be offered at an extremely nice discounted price just for members. This may be older models or new releases. It will vary greatly during the year, and month-to-month. Free shipping may be combined with this discount as any purchase will receive free shipping during the membership term.


One exclusive model will be made available for Stable Raiders each year. This model will be reasonably priced and will also include a discount. The model may be exclusive in the size it is offered, or it may be a totally new sculpture. In order to qualify for the exclusive model, a member will need to reach level 3 in the leveling system (see chart below).
Seunta is in discussion with members of our Artisans Guild to provide members with exclusive offers or discounts.

As soon as you sign up for Stable Raiders, each dollar you spend will count as one point (the annual membership fee does not earn points). Your points accumulate during the entire year of your membership and may be spent at any time. Most horses in the Seunta online store will have a points value and you may choose to spend your points to get that model for free. Or you may choose to move up a level according to the chart below and gain free models as you level.

Each level requires completion of the level before it. There is a limit of two cycles per year on this leveling program. Once points are spent (either within this chart or by ordering a model from the online store) those points are void (as if it were cash spent) and will need to be earned again, for other goals.


Annual membership is $150. This is only available at an annual rate but breaks down to only $12.50 per month. Depending on how many orders you make during the year, you have a potential savings of hundreds of dollars. The shipping value is a minimum of $20 savings per order for one horse (International $25), free models are valued at $95-$185 (possibly more if points are used for your purchase), monthly discounts are $50+.

To sign up, simply purchase the annual membership below. Please make sure that you have an online account with This will help you follow your purchases and let you see when you use points. The annual membership fee does not earn points.

Announcements and special offers will be posted in the Facebook group “The Seunta Guild Hall” and also in the Seunta newsletter. Try to follow both so that you do not miss anything. Offers will be frequent and limited in time. We plan to have a lot of fun with this!

In order to redeem most of your benefits, you will simply be able to use a code at checkout. The codes are posted below. Orders using these codes without a membership will be canceled.


When applying your code at checkout (it will be on the right side of the page where the pricing is located) be sure to include the dash (-) and type in all upper case letters. If you are also using one of the codes below, be sure to put the shipping code in too! You will apply the second code after the first one is applied.

You may use two codes only in the instance that you qualify for them (for example: one of the codes below plus the free shipping code above). Anyone caught abusing this honor system will be removed from this program. We verify all orders that are placed. You are welcome to email, at any time, if you have any questions.

$20 DISCOUNT use the code SR-DISCOUNT-20
$50 DISCOUNT use the code SR-DISCOUNT-50
50% DISCOUNT use the code SR-DISC-HALF

200 POINT PURCHASE use the code SR-POINTS-200
600 POINT PURCHASE use the code SR-POINTS-600
1000 POINT PURCHASE use the code SR-POINTS-1000
1200 POINT PURCHASE use the code SR-POINTS-1200
1500 POINT PURCHASE use the code SR-POINTS-1500

More codes will be added as this program progresses. Email Seunta to receive your level-up free model or Refer-A-Friend rewards.

Stable Raiders that refer a friend will receive a free micro mini model and 100 points. The referred friend must complete sign up for Stable Raiders. Seunta must be notified before the referred friend signs up.

- Memberships are not transferable.
- Your membership will run 12 months and begins at the time your purchase it.
- There are no refunds on any part of the annual membership fee, once it is paid.
- The membership fee may not be applied towards any purchase or shipping cost.
- Purchase credit is not retroactive and can only be used for points, and free shipping, during the time of active membership.
- The annual membership fee does not earn points.
- Free micro minis will be offered from the pool of models that are currently in production. This will change as time moves along. As of 2019 the following micro minis will be available for this program: Landlside, Amity, Phoenix, Alchemy, and Moonpie.
- All free models will come from Seunta inventory only, unless artists from our Artisans Guild decides to participate. Some of them already are.
- Members may use a Seunta payment plan for any purchase during the membership term. Any payment plan that is initiated during the term of the membership must be paid in full before the membership expires (if it contains a member benefit). All benefits (free shipping and any discount that is applied) will be void on the day the membership expires.

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