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Buy 2 Get 1 FREE - raw castings $95

Sneakers and Socks are sold as a set with this sale and count as one choice.

RAW CASTINGS - Uncleaned castings in need of TLC!
These are raw castings. These models are NOT prepped or cleaned in any manner. Castings do not come out clean... it takes times to sand seams and inspect each and every model for small areas that may need repair. Do not expect a ready-to-paint model. And please be familiar with the tools that you may need. All of these models vary in the degree of work that may be needed. Some are older models from older molds.

There are a limited amount of models available as these are already cast and ready to go. These models are suitable to practice painting techniques on, make tack, remake/customize, or use parts from for another custom. There are no refunds on raw castings. 


  • Choose your models from the ones listed below. The sale is limited to those models that are listed below. 

  • All models are raw castings. Buy 2 for $95 each, plus shipping, and get the third one FREE.

  • Fill out and submit your request from the form below the model list.

  • Bride may be shipped with a raw casting order to save shipping cost. Bride starts casting on the 15th and your order will have a short delay.

  • You will be sent a Paypal invoice that needs to be paid immediately in order to assure you get the models you want.

  • Sorry but, due to the nature of this sale, there are no payment plans available.

  • SHIPPING: Please allow 7 business days for shipping. USA shipping is $20 for the first model, $5 each additional up to 9 models per box. (Int'l $45, CDN $25)

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IGNORE THE SOLD OUT TAGS - If a raw casting is sold out you will be informed once your order is received.

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