Our Seunta pronunciation is "Shane-ta" - "bha e na àite seunta" - In Scottish Gaelic, "it was an enchanted place". 

At Seunta LLC, art meets science and each piece is created with great admiration and reverence for the horse. We offer cutting edge technology and top quality casting for your project at affordable prices.

Seunta LLC is a professional resin model casting and mold making company using rotational casting technology to produce hollow cast resin models, with pressure casting available for solid models. We have been enjoying the model horse hobby since 1972. We also offer in-house high resolution 3D SLS scanning and SLA resin printing in order to provide prototypes for reproduction in different sizes.
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Several traditional size models are now available with 24-hour flash shipping!

New micro minis are coming!
Six different micros are in production now.
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