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Congrats on another fabulous work (Poco). You really capture the essence of the horse-without too much or too little. After seeing the photos of this guy, he’s now on my short list of resins & seems well suited for finishing in one of my now passed horse’s image & character... It was especially refreshing to read on your site that you not only approve of buyers who CM their purchased resins-but that you encourage people to do it. Those are the words of someone confident in their talent - as you should be. Last year I bought some of your resins, thru your site & eBay, for a special project.
— Sweetwater Farms | World Champion Appaloosas
Beautiful sculpting, perfect casting! I couldn’t be more pleased!
— swpottery | ebay
LOVE my Trailblazer!! Will purchase more resins in the future from Seunta!!
— simplelittlebell | ebay
I have been collecting Stones and Breyers and have decided to “paint my own” now. Your models are very realistic, and beautiful! Nice to have something different. Thanks for such a lovely product!
— Martha Eney
December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

I have purchased both Amity and Braided Phoenix trotting mares and I am completely happy with both resins. As a stock horse person, they are both what I have been looking for - modern day middle of the road horses, able to do all events. Both are expertly cast, very small easy to clean up seams, light wieght, and such detail it is incredible. First class and very professional all the way. I am so looking forward to painting them and showing them off in performance.
— Cece Osborn | Seattle, WA
Craftsmanship is remarkable love love love the detail work.
— spanky7229 | ebay
I had never purchased a blank AR, and was really nervous about taking the plunge into Artist Resins to begin with. I had messaged Seunta about purchasing a Moonshine (the new ASB) on the time payments. I had asked questions about how they work, if I could pay off early, etc. She was very prompt with a response, and very detailed and personal when it came to answering my questions. It was the best “first time” transaction I could’ve ever hoped for! Thank you so much Sherry & Seunta LLC!! ALWAYS green lights from me! Thank you for the wonderful horses!
— Mary Miller
STUNNING! Perfect packed and quick shipping, gorgeous, gorgeous mare-5 stars.
— cvamoca | ebay
Beautiful artistic piece! Arrived quickly and well packaged.
— chazzie20 | ebay
Ab Fab/even better in real life. Thank you for selling this beautiful model.
— fraserthehorse | ebay
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