Customizing Policy

Having fun with your model is encouraged... customize the appearance as you like by changing the mane or tail, tweaking conformation to suit another breed, adding wings, horns, or anything else that may inspire creativity for your one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Models from Seunta LLC may not be reproduced. Although customizing is encouraged, reproducing the model for sale is not allowed. This includes using a model from Seunta LLC as armature for a new creation.

Model Production & Editions

Sales are generally twice each year - the annual summer sale (July) and holiday sale (November).

Periodically, a new traditional size artist resin model may be offered to subscribers You must be a current newsletter subscriber to purchase the model from the online store. Newsletter subscribers will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase micro minis.

Retired and discontinued models will become a part of the archives at  These models are basically in the vault and will appear on the model archives page.  Some models that are archived may be offered for sale during the annual summer (July) or holiday (November) sales. The inventory will vary with each sale. 

Out of stock models can be either open or limited edition models. If a model is not on the shelf and available to be shipped immediately it will be in out-of-stock status (that will show as sold out) until more copies can be cast. No orders will be taken during that time.

Limited Editions are models that are restricted to a one-mold run. One mold typically produces 50-90 models before being exhausted. Production on most models will stop at 50-60 pieces, before the mold begins to deteriorate.

The best copies always go to our customers in order to assure that quality work from Seunta is represented.